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Deciding to Sell

Selling an auto, motorcycle, marine, or RV dealership represents a crucial milestone in an entrepreneur’s career. Before anything else, it is a good idea to confer with our experts to formulate an effective marketing strategy.

How do you benefit from LABNation’s network of Affiliated Professionals?
The more agents there are in a brokerage, the more people there are to promote a listing, and the greater the chance that a seller will get more qualified buyers interested in the listing and making offers.

Should you be willing to list your dealerships for sale with lawyers or accountants?

Dealers trust the professionals that they work with regularly. This trust may be earned through prior success working on other transactions, tax matters, factory disputes, and everyday business matters. We feel that dealers would prefer their own trusted professionals over a complete stranger. When an accountant or lawyer is already a known commodity to a dealer, why would that dealer need to look for help elsewhere?

With all this promotion, how can LABNation keep the identity of a listed dealership confidential?

All listings promoted on the LABNation website and in advertising will be described in general terms, referencing only the dealership’s brands, its state or region, and any general descriptions that convey its attractiveness to buyers. All interested buyers will sign non-disclosure agreements before the specific dealership is identified and financial statements and other non-public information on the dealership are disclosed to these buyers. Additionally, as accountants and lawyers are duty-bound to be discreet when performing professional services, our Affiliated Professionals will be experienced in properly retaining and disclosing confidential information related to a listing.

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