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LABNation Dealership Brokerage
LABNation Dealership Brokerage

LABNation has received more national and state Dealer Association endorsements than any other dealership brokerage in the US. While most dealership brokers have less than ten agents, the LABNation team surpasses 50 licensed professionals. The dealership buy-sell world has never had a brokerage that resembles a Multiple Listing Service, until now.

Most important, every team member in LABNation is a trusted and experienced dealership lawyer or accountant. This translates into a much more profound reach in terms of identifying listings and procuring qualified buyers.

Even more, “confidentiality” is the mainstay of the life work of these lawyers and accountants. This is vitally important to sellers. Accordingly, confidentiality is the core value of our lawyer-accountant brokerage network.

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